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Article | Can a sex offender be cured? | Adult Rape

Healing Articles > Can sex offenders be cured?

Adult Rape
Rape falls into four different categories based on the motivating needs or desires:

  • Power Assertive - With this type, the rapist believes they are superior to their selected victim and therefore can take what they want.

  • Anger Retaliation - This rapist uses their anger over issues with the opposite sex, in general and overall, to strike out at or in an attempt to get even.

  • Power Reassurance - Is motivated by sex as a way to make up for and boost their low self-esteem. They like to feel the sense of power they get from being in control of another physically.

  • Sadistic - Hurts others for a sexual release, and may view violent pornography in between rapes.

The need for control or power within a sexual experience is driven by unresolved trauma(s) (usually with a sexual connection) that has left the person feeling inadequate, powerless and out of control. Usually these feelings show up as anger, particularly towards the opposite sex, and the individual uses sexual aggression and violence as a temporarily release.
The problem is the core cause has not been resolved, so all these feelings will continue to be triggered over and over. With this sexual offense, it is advisable to use properly applied trauma release methods to discover the core issue(s) that left the individual feeling powerless, angry and out of control, and dissolve the energy disturbance(s).
It is important to also release the energy around the individual offenses, starting first with the one(s) that have the strongest pull or are easiest to recall. An offender will always have a particular time within the rape in which they felt the most powerful and/or satisfied, where their need(s) were met. Working with this energy, including the pre-crime preparatory stage, helps not only in getting to the core cause(s), but also in releasing it and the drive to commit these crimes against another.

Pre-crime preparatory stage

All premeditated crimes have a preparatory stage in which the perpetrator plans out as much of the details of the criminal act as possible.
With rape related sex crimes this can include:

  • finding a victim (may include stalking)

  • scouting out a location for the act

  • planning out how to get into the location

  • gathering any necessary items (mask, gloves, condoms (sometimes), rope and/or handcuffs, etc.)

  • deciding when the crime will occur, and planning any post-crime clean-up including killing and disposal of the victim

As with before, I highly recommend the use of EFT®™ and Theta Healing®™ and if deemed necessary, Spiritual Healing to collapse these issues and change any negatively impacting beliefs.
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