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Animal Trauma Discharge | Resolving Emotional Trauma

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Has your animal companion experienced trauma and is now exhibiting signs of emotional distress?
It's quite painful and challenging to feel safe and secure or even enjoy life when you are feeling fearful, hurt, insecure, overwhelmed, wounded and vulnerable, and this is true for animals as well.
With all they have been through, it's really easy to wonder, are they permanently scarred? Will they remain impacted and changed like this forever?
The good news is we, Spirit and I, can completely resolve the emotional trauma with them as we skillfully move through this powerful healing process to restore them to their former Peaceful, Calm, Loving, Gentle, Kind self.
I promise it is absolutely possible for them to heal and move forward from where they currently are!

In the Animal Trauma Discharge program, your animal companion will receive quick and guaranteed* permanent resolution of their emotional traumas, including the triggers and manifested emotional state, all while saving weeks, months or even worse, years of emotional distress.
When you schedule more than one session, I will email you each time just before and again after I have energetically / spiritually worked with them to keep you updated and ask that you observe them over the next few days and report back how they are doing.
*100% Satisfaction Guarantee - I absolutely guarantee that all the aspects we completely collapse regarding their situation or challenge, will remain so for life unless they are re-traumatized.
Regardless of who you are, what you’ve been through or what you have done, you deserve Love and Healing!
What is Animal Trauma Discharge?
Animal Trauma Discharge with Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT, is an in-depth trauma healing program in which the energy around and emotional ties to your animal companion's experiences are resolved and transmuted quickly easily and gracefully without painfully reliving the trauma itself, allowing them to finally live life free of the negative effects of their past.
Animal Trauma Discharge is founded on the understanding that virtually everything we experience that disrupts or interferes with living a Loving Peaceful Joyous life, or otherwise ails us, can be resolved by identifying the core cause and collapsing it so that the energy connected to it is finally discharged, freeing us up to greater Love, Joy and Peace.
In my 23+ years as a healer, I've observed that when there is stuck energy regarding a past or current situation or trauma, a palpable impact manifests on all the levels and layers of the body showing up as dis-ease, illness or discomfort and disability and if left unresolved, it will move into manifested disease and finally death of the physical body.
On the other hand, when we restore the flow of energy throughout by finding, moving through, resolving and transmuting the trauma and the resulting false beliefs, the personality and body naturally returns to optimal wellness as it was originally designed to.
It stands to reason that since the body is made up of pure energy, as confirmed through Quantum Physics, if you shift the energy vibration held in the mind, and therefore the body and its cells, you will equally change the manifested experience on all levels and layers.
When we clear up our personal issues and increasingly let go of the story we tell ourselves, including what this experience means or says about us personally, we progressively feel a deeper sense of Clarity, Love, Acceptance of Truth, Joy and Peace within and without manifesting in life.
"Emotional trauma is the beginning of disease" ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.
What Animal Trauma Discharge is great for post-trauma:
  • Acting unusual
  • Anxiety
  • Changed eating habits
  • Cowering
  • Easily spooked

  • Hiding
  • Reservations
  • Separation anxiety
  • Shyness
  • And More...
Animal Trauma Discharge includes:
Intuitive Guidance
Spiritual Healing

"I've watched Rev. Christopher StandingBear help relieve difficult and strong emotions in others as he gently allows people to express what is most deep and poignant for them. He is a calming influence and expresses genuine love, compassion and concern, there is no judgement coming from him as he stays present with understanding.  

He is highly experienced as a healer, he listens to his guidance, and knows how to help people release, resolve and heal in any area that needs worked on.
I went through an emotional trauma and Rev. Christopher used Trauma Release Coaching to help me clear it all for good. Later, I was able to see the person who had caused it for me and felt neutral about them without being emotionally triggered. This was amazing to me on many levels. His compassion, support and understanding was phenomenal as was the healing work he did.

The healing work he does is accurate and much appreciated!"
Lisa Concidine
ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Teacher
"I highly recommend Rev. Christopher StandingBear for his expertise in the healing arts. He has a great repertoire of healing techniques, not just a "one size fits all" approach.

Rev. Christopher was the key that opened the door to true healing for me. Skillfully and with highly intuitive guidance, he brought about in me what 40 years of counseling, medications and other therapies could not do. I struggled with a lifetime of depression, addiction and ill health.

Of paramount importance in my transition to a new life was, and continues to be, his unwavering faith in ME as an active participant in my own healing. The light of that faith still shines in my life, even though it has been close to a year since I last worked with him.

I’ve continued to use the healing techniques he taught me knowing there is still much work to be done, but now thanks to Rev. Christopher, I know how to get through it and heal.

Rev. Christopher really cares about people and is uniquely respectful of all belief systems allowing him to work with people of any faith, religious or non-religious.

I personally thank God for sending him into my life!"
Bernice Farretta – Everett, WA. 9/24/08

Are you ready to gift your animal companion with an optimal life of emotional freedom joy and peace?
We will skillfully heal them. Let's get started!


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$100.00 USD for 1 One-Hour Session

A lot to resolve?
It is recommended that you allow for 3-4 sessions, sometimes more for particularly strong trauma responses and chronic conditions or situations.

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Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT is a non-denominational Ordained Holistic Minister, EFT Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and ThetaHealing Practitioner® who honors and respects all religious traditions, specializing in healing Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) through Intuition, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

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