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Issue | Cutting | Trauma Release Coaching

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Do you feel all alone and misunderstood?
Have you experienced or now going through a situation that has been hard to cope with?
Have you grown tired of using self-harm as a way to deal with life?
Would you like to resolve all the causes of your cutting so you can live life joyfully and peacefully?
Cutting is a form of self-harm done as a coping mechanism and temporary release for unresolved feelings, traumatic experiences, which distracts you from the emotional pain sorrow depression and anxiety you have in life particularly around your sense of belonging or fitting in, born out of a personal belief that you are too different, damaged or unworthy to be accepted, included and lovable based on past or current experiences that you don't know how to resolve, deal with or what to do with, that are temporarily suppressed through the physical pain and bleeding resulting from the slicing of your skin. There is in fact a sensed physiological and emotional release from the pain of the cut and by the flow of blood which symbolically represents and feels like a true release of pent up emotion.
When we believe something it becomes reflected in our experience, and then we develop an increasing certainty that our original belief is true, because now we have all this evidence. Break this affirming cycle of lies and you will become open to what is True.
The Truth is you are Infinity Acceptable, Worthy and Lovable regardless of what you have done, been through or are experiencing.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently discover what is behind your cutting through one or more approaches to identify, move through, resolve and release the cause so you can finally peacefully enjoy life.
Ready to experience the Truth?
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