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Issue | Depression | Trauma Release Coaching

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Do you feel like your life is an unrepairable disaster and you have really messed it up somewhere?
Do you feel you are not worthy of living because of all that has happened to you?
Would you like to resolve the causes of your depression so you can live life joyfully and peacefully?
I have found that depression is a reflection of, often subconscious, emotions - typically angers and self-judgments we feel we shouldn't or don't have a right to have, which gives rise to a belief that our life and experience is hopelessly beyond repair, and maybe this means we don't have a right to be alive.
It is common to have experiences, some traumatic, that cause us to form and believe lies about our self, life and those who are a part of our existence on this planet, and if left unresolved it builds up and starts to feel overwhelming, in effect suppressing the Truth about us, and we can form some level of anger about the way our life has been and that we are feeling this way, so out of control and beyond salvage and help.
The Truth is at any time we can change our experience through resolving and releasing all the incorrect beliefs, lies, misunderstandings and negative experiences we have somewhere and somehow made a part of our way of Being and life.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently discover what is behind your on-going depression through one or more approaches to identify, move through, resolve and release the cause so you can finally peacefully enjoy life.
Are you ready to move beyond your depression?
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