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Email - Appointments and Information


This form is sent to an email address that is viewable by any Bearfoot Healing staff member working at the time it is received.

Your contact information is never made available, in any way, to anyone outside the company.  


Our Privacy Policy.

Thanks so much for contacting us.


Please b
e advised: If you use this form for solicitations or SPAM you will be reported immediately without question.


I consent to the staff of Bearfoot Healing having my contact information for the purpose of replying to me.
By emailing us you are in agreement with our privacy policy, as well as our practice of Infinitely Loving and caring about you, and our interest in helping you experience infinite wellness.

You agree you have used your actual first, last and email address in order to receive a response from us.

Solicitors and Spammers:
You agree to have a report including all information gathered to be sent to the FTC, your email provider and internet provider (if different), for soliciting, spamming or in any way trying to sell anything, whether it be a product or service including, but not limited to Website SEO.
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