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Healing Articles | Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

Emotional Healing

  • Points of view - An exploration of differing points of view by using a scenario and how our judgments can distort the Truth.

  • Reflections - Is life and those around us a reflection of our personality and what we came here to heal?
  • Releasing Anxiety and Panic Naturally - Understanding the core cause of anxiety and panic attacks, quick ways to move through these conditions in the moment, and resolve the subconscious causes permanently with ease and grace.

  • Stuck in Past Trauma - An overview covering some reasons people remain stuck in the past with their trauma, how this serves them and how to resolve it all.

  • Forgiveness - An exploration of forgiveness and what modalities Rev. StandingBear used to forgive self and other.
  • Importance of Energy Healing - A look at the important role Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology plays in resolving spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues.

  • US Highway 2 - How changing the focus of the US Hwy 2 safety signs in WA state would affect the outcome. A lesson of focus and where it will get us.

  • Loving Yourself - In the midst of being written -Defining Love as opposed to love, understanding the importance of Loving yourself and how you can.
Testimonials | Comments
Thank you for the techniques you've presented on this page. They have almost instantly rid me of crippling anxiety again and again.
Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!
Rahul M 1/2/2018

These healing articles were originally written for colleagues and have been modified for you to provide an overview of what needs to be considered when resolving sexual trauma.   
A series of smaller interrelated articles exploring what needs to be considered and what is possible, from Rev. Christopher StandingBear's experience, when working with sex offenders and their desire to heal resolve and release.
A list of Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Scripts created by Rev. Christopher StandingBear for some common emotional challenges.
Testimonials | Comments
I have been doing EFT for years, and I came upon this script by accident after a night of insomnia, rehashing the past and feeling defeated about my life; I am 67.
This is the best script I have read on releasing; I felt it was addressed to me directly.
Thank you very much.
Beatrice V. 6/27/2022

A list of Meditations created or shared by Rev. Christopher StandingBear for some common emotional challenges.
Testimonials | Comments
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