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Healing Articles | Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT.

Emotional Healing
  • Infinite Love - In the midst of a rewrite/revision

  • Points of view - An exploration of differing points of view by using a scenerio and how our judgments can distort the Truth.

  • Reflections - Is life and those around us a reflection of our personality and what we came here to heal?
  • Releasing Anxiety and Panic Naturally - Understanding the core cause of anxiety and panic attacks, quick ways to  move through these conditions in the moment, and resolve the subconscious causes permanently with ease and grace.

  • Stuck in Past Trauma - An overview covering some reasons people remain stuck in the past with their trauma, how this serves them and how to resolve it all.

  • Forgiveness - An exploration of forgiveness and what modalities Rev. StandingBear used to forgive self and other.
  • Importance of Energy Healing - A look at the important role Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology plays in resolving spiritual, emotional, mental and physical issues.

  • US Highway 2 - How changing the focus of the US Hwy 2 safety signs in WA state would affect the outcome. A lesson of focus and where it will get us.
  • Loving Yourself - In the midst of being written -Defining Love as opposed to love, understanding the importance of Loving yourself and how you can.
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