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Issue | Insomnia | Trauma Release Coaching

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Do you have problems getting to or staying asleep?
Does it seem like your mind is attempting to solve all your problems while you are trying to get the rest you need to function?
Do you find your judgments about your day, your month, your year, your life and how you have handled it all getting in the way of your rest periods?
Would you like to resolve the cause of your insomnia so you can sleep peacefully?
Insomnia is a result of our subconscious and conscious beliefs about ourselves and life that show up as thoughts feelings and judgments about our issues and how we have, are or will solve them.
The mind is a great solver of challenges when it is clear of false beliefs, understandings, perceptions and judgments. What often gets in the way is our desire to make the best choice and so the mind takes a real good look at our past performance and compares it to what it believes is ideal. What is missed though, is the understanding that ideal is very individualistic and doesn't have to be judged in order to improve, and in fact when we clear, resolve and release any standards that must be met, we can make better decisions and find solutions to our problems naturally and easily.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently discover what is behind your on-going insomnia through one or more approaches to identify, move through, resolve and release the cause so you can finally fall asleep and continue sleeping in peace until it is time to wake-up.
Are you ready to get the peaceful sleep you need and deserve?
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