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Our Insurance Acceptance Policy

Financial Support

The Energy Practitioners at Bearfoot Healing would accept health insurance, but our healing modalities are not covered.
Even though we operate from the only state in the US that requires coverage of alternative therapy and healing (at the time of this writing), the practioner you see must be required by the state to be licensed (to practice their trade) in order for insurance to cover the cost . Nothing we offer requires state licensing, therefore is not covered by health insurance.
Possibilities to getting some of your complimentary and alternative medicine expenses covered.

  • Some health insurance policies allow you to spend a set amount of money outside of their coverage and still get reimbursed. Check to see if this applies to you and what requirements must be met in order to have your expense reimbursed.

  • The US IRS allows you to write off a portion of your out-of-pocket medical expenses when you file your taxes. Check with an accountant or tax preparer to see how this might apply to you.

A receipt of payment is provided whenever you pay through PayPal or upon request when paying in person. You may need to use these receipts as proof for your health insurance or tax write-off.
Want your complimentary and alternative medical expenses to be covered?
Speak up about it.

  • Tell your state reps you want better health coverage requirements that include the growing field of traditional (before Allopathic), Complimentary / Alternative Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

  • Tell your employer to consider health insurance companies and policies that will cover your medical needs.

  • Tell your health insurance company about your requirements for better coverage for the growing medical field or switch to a company that already has this coverage, once they become available.


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