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Article | Can a sex offender be cured? | Preface

Healing Articles > Can sex offenders be cured?

While there tends to be some debate, based on my work in Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Spiritual Healing, my answer is YES in at least some if not most cases.
In this article I will provide an overview of child molesters and child rapists, including the two types of attraction drivers, and adult rapists including the four driving forces behind rape, what has been tried before and how to work with sex offenders using EFT®™, ThetaHealing®™ and Spiritual Healing.
Child Molestation and Child Rape
In Psychology, child molesters and child rapists are labeled as pedophiles and are thought to be suffering from a sexual deviation within the accepted sexual types, hetero, homo and bi, which results in an unnatural attraction to children. I am going to slightly step away from this definition in order to clarify my perspective by referring to the first group of offenders (based on attraction drivers) as Pedosexual and the second as Pedophile.
Based on my experience, and for the purpose of this article, here is how sexual types are structured:





Further, I would like to make a distinction here, studies have shown that most if not all males are attracted to young teens, which is called ephedophilia, and is not considered an illness do to its prevalence. Mind you this attraction does not result in any inappropriate behavior for most males.  
Now let's place the child molester and child rapist on a causal spectrum.
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, connection with Divine Guidance and the work he does with clients using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology to write articles that will empower others in their personal healing.

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