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Article | Can a sex offender be cured? | Juvenile Offenders

Healing Articles > Can sex offenders be cured?

Juvenile Offenders
Juvenile offenders often are the easiest to work with, though it does take some special understanding.
It is now common knowledge among neuroscientist, several social workers and therapists specializing in working with teens, and even some parents, that the prefrontal cortex of the adolescent brain, which is responsible for rational decision making, impulse control, intellectual judgment, organization and emotions, isn’t fully developed until as late as 25 years of age. In short we know that the complete understanding of repercussions and consequences of their choices is next to, if not completely, impossible at this stage of brain development.
With juvenile offenders, the foundational traumatic experience is, as with virtually all other child molest and child rape offenses, being sexually abused themselves. The difference, as noted above, is that the full understanding of the effects of their actions is lacking which creates opportunity for greater treatment success.
While it is easiest to successfully treat and heal juvenile offenders as soon after the commission of their crime as possible, it is still achievable even when treated as an adult.
When working with a juvenile offender as an adult, be aware that you will also need to address the following and more:

  • accumulation of more victims

  • increase in energetic charge around victimizations

  • extremely low self-esteem and self-image

  • decrease of detailed memory regarding offenses

  • dysfunctional relationship patterns

When you are healing a juvenile committed sexual offense, whether soon-after or as an adult, it is important to work with the energy around being abused and the commitment of the crime(s) with as much detail as you can. We always start, as before, with the parts that have the greatest energetic pull to them, working with the pieces that feel or seem the loudest until collapsed and then moving on to the next aspect. In addition, you will need to address the “not knowing better”, “I was reenacting what I was shown”, the self-blame and shame that often shows up even where it isn’t appropriate and more. It just gets compounded as time passes when it is left to fester, so be prepared for that.
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