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Issue | Nightmares | Trauma Release Coaching

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Do you have reoccurring nightmares that disturb your sleep?
Would you like to resolve the cause of your nightmares so you can sleep peacefully?

Our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts feelings and issues, and are believed to be a natural way to work through them, and in the case of nightmares, often reflect past traumatic experiences needing to be resolved.
We have built in ways of dealing with stuff that is too much for us to handle, either because we are too young to cope or incapable, such as during intense experiences like being a soldier at war, witnessing or being a part of a vehicle accident that resulted in death, a negative childbirth experience or anything else traumatizing, and one of those avenues is to hide it away or at least the details, which then start showing up in our dreams in order to be resolved and released, and when this doesn't fully happen we get reoccurring nightmares.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently discover what is behind your on-going nightmares through one or more approaches to identify, move through and resolve the cause so you can finally sleep in peace.

Are you ready to be free of your nightmares?
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