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Issue | OCD | Trauma Release Coaching

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Are you experiencing obsessions or compulsions that cause major distress or interfere with your everyday life?
Are you tired of being held down and back by your rituals and want to be completely free to live life knowing you are safe?
Let's resolve the obsessive-compulsive disorder you experience!
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a coping mechanism for anxiety that requires a person to repeatedly go through a series of rituals to minimize and give a sense of control over the distress until it feels safe to move on.

The typical way to handle OCD is by using a combination of medications including antidepressants, anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers, and cognitive behavioral therapy that exposes the patient to triggering conditions several times until a tolerance is built up for the anxiety with the idea that it will help create resistance to the compulsive urges and resolve inner conflicts; the challenge is that what we resist, persists and grows stronger.

At the very core of obsessive-compulsive disorder is fear, and like any other anxiety or panic driven activity, the objective in healing is to collapse the response by neutralizing the energy behind it.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program we gently identify the root cause that created the fearful belief, move through, resolve and release the emotional and mental attachments through one or more supportive approaches so you can finally peacefully enjoy life in a state of well-being knowing you are safe.

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Are you ready to be free of the rituals and obsessing?
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