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Article | Can a sex offender be cured? | Pedophile

Healing Articles > Can sex offenders be cured?

The Pedophile
At this end of the spectrum, we have those who are truly hetero, homo, or bi, but are attracted to and act out with the under-aged because a previous trauma has them stuck in an under-aged stage of development. You can get a hint of where they may be stuck by what age(s) they are most attracted to. With this type of offender, visiting and collapsing the core past traumas that have them stuck is enough to prevent them from re-offending. It seems so simplistic, and yet it has been completely successful in cases at this end of the spectrum since the acting out is merely a triggered aspect of the individual and not an integral part of their sexual make up.

Once again, in my experience, the keys to successfully releasing pedophilia (as I’ve defined it), is Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. I’ve found that the process and professional application of EFT®™ and Theta Healing®™ work great to find and collapse the core trauma(s) that are behind the attraction. As each trauma is released, the emotional connection to and desire for underage people dissolve until only healthy interactions remain.
Of course as with any other issue, it is advisable to be watchful for and aware of any new aspect that hasn’t been collapsed. These unresolved parts may create enough of a drive or desire to become a problem, and therefore should be handled through the same methods as quickly as possible.
Somewhere in between

There are some who fall somewhere in between these two extremes. The closer they are to the pedosexual end of spectrum, the more appropriate it is to treat them as if they are pedosexual in nature. By default it is advisable that anyone who places at a point three-quarters or less from the pedosexual side should be treated and supported as if they are full pedosexual until proven otherwise.

Working with all child related sex offenses

In working with all sex offenses against a child, it is important to also work through the energy around the individual offenses with the perpetrator, starting first with the one(s) that have the strongest pull or are easiest to recall.
It has been my experience that offenders of child related sex crimes usually have a feeling of remorse or guilt for the act, except in perhaps the most extreme cases.  By working through the energy related to the offenses, including the pre-crime preparatory stage, we can get to the core cause(s) easier and further collapse the drive to commit these crimes against children.

Pre-crime preparatory stage

All premeditated crimes have a preparatory stage in which the perpetrator plans out as much of the details of the criminal act as possible.
With sex crimes against children this can include:

  • finding a victim

  • grooming them

  • scouting out a location for the act

  • planning out how to get into the location

  • gathering any necessary items (mask, gloves, condoms (sometimes), rope and/or handcuffs, etc.)

  • deciding when the crime will occur, and planning any post-crime clean-up including killing and disposal of the victim

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