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Article | Can a sex offender be cured? | Pedosexual

Healing Articles > Can sex offenders be cured?

The Pedosexual

At one end we have those who are attracted to underage people (as defined by society, keeping in mind that "underage" differs from country-to-country), in the same way as a heterosexual is attracted to the opposite sex, homosexuals are attracted to the same sex and bisexuals are interested in both sexes, as recognized from an early age. I will call those at this end, the pedosexual to help differentiate them from the other end.


There have been many attempts to cure pedosexuality over the years.
Some of these include:

  • Talk Therapy- Find the source trauma and talk through it.

  • Transference Therapy- Pictures of children are placed next to images of adults in sexual poses in hopes that the sexual desires will be transferred to the appropriate age.

  • Aversion Therapy- Create a negative association to inappropriate sexual desires through the use of ammonia capsules (or something equally repulsive) being broken under the nose at the point of arousal; electrical shock is also used in some cases.

  • Anti-androgen Therapy (Chemical Castration) - Suppresses testosterone to the point of near lack or total lack of sex drive; has feminizing side effects. Depo-Provera is an example of this.

  • SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) - One of the side effects of SSRI’s is the decrease in sex drive without feminizing. Prozac is an example of this.

Studies have shown that these methods have little to no impact on the prevention of reoffending since they do not remove the core motivator(s) behind the sexual attraction.

The use of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine has promise

With the pedosexual sometimes the best we can do is help them heal from their past trauma(s) and give them some tools or ways of coping with their attraction as a way of empowering them to act within the standards set by society. This seems to be effective for those truly motivated to stay clean & healthy (within this context) by preventing themselves from harming another innocent being.
I have found that the process and professional application of EFT®™ (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Theta Healing®™ by an experienced and certified practitioner work great to move through and collapse the core past trauma(s) that may act as the driving force behind child molestation and rape.
This still leaves the sexual attraction which can, in my experience and only in some cases, be removed or at least minimized through the professional application of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and Spiritual Healing by an experienced and certified practitioner.
In all cases pertaining to pedosexuality, it is advised that a thoroughly strong support system and coping strategy be created that includes:

  • Open and honest communication with key people- Having a strong support system made up of a few trustworthy people who know the full history of the pedosexual or has been made aware of their desires, is very important in helping them stay offense free. Key to this is the willingness on the pedosexuals part to be open and honest when they are feeling these desires.

  • Supervision- Diligence by the pedosexual to stay away from underage people without the presence of at least one key person.

  • Learn to Love and Accept Self- Society as a whole has a real hatred for pedosexuals, with just reasoning, but as a result the person may be driven to find love, even if only perceived love, through physical and emotional contact with an underage person.

  • Use EFT and eye tracking as coping strategy- When the pedosexual finds themselves without a key support person while triggered (feeling the urge or desire to offend), it is advised that they use the EFT method to release the inappropriate drive while using eye tracking (as used in REM and EMDR Therapy) to work and balance both hemispheres of the brain. These two methods, when used together, profoundly and speedily collapse the response to the trigger. A positive side effect to using these methods as a coping strategy is that each time they are used, it weakens the susceptibility to being triggered again.

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, connection with Divine Guidance and the work he does with clients using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology to write articles that will empower others in their personal healing.

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