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Article | Points of view | Wisdom

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An exploration of differing points of view by using a scenerio.
Let’s imagine for a moment that a collision has occurred at a four-way intersection. This collision involves two cars, with three people in each car; two adults and one child. The driver of one of the cars is not caucasian; whatever color you want to imagine them to be is fine. No one is seriously injured, but they are quite shaken by what has just occurred. Also imagine with me, that there was at least two people at each corner of the intersection.
The Police and Fire Department are called to the scene. When the officers arrive, they do the usual crowd control, and making sure the occupants of the vehicles are okay and update the dispatcher with the condition of each person, as well, an officer does traffic control.
Once the Paramedics have arrived, the investigation is well underway. A couple of officers have started taking statements from the witnesses, and from each occupant of both cars involved.
I am going to suggest that there is going to be a high probability, that as each witness is asked for their statement, each person will recall the events slightly different. What they saw and believed happened will be dictated, at least in part, by where they were when the collision occurred. This of course means that if they were on one street corner verses another, their view of what happened and how it happened would be different. Also, if there is any witness that is prejudice against a colored person, their perception of what happened, may be distorted. Now also, each occupant of each car will have their own version of the events based on where they were in the vehicle, as well as how much they actually saw and what they experienced.
I am going to suggest that nobody is wrong for their version of the events, at least in their own mind. I believe that the Truth lies within all those statements taken at the scene. I believe that any other evidence will help point the investigating officers in the right direction when compiled with the written statements.
I am going to further suggest that our disagreements in life are much like the collision in my example. We all will have our own take on what has happened. We will see the issue from our own perspective, all based on what part we have played, and any prejudice feelings we may have. Were we a witness or one of the people involved? Where were we standing or sitting when the disagreement occurred? How do we feel about each person involved? How have those feelings influenced our understanding of the events? What evidence is there to support our view? Are we willing to disregard the evidence in order to claim our view is right? Will we change or distort our perspective in order to protect someone we care about? Or will we allow ourselves to see things differently when the evidence is shown? In other words, what is the story we are telling ourselves?
Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to suggest that sometimes none of us are right. Sometimes with all of the pain and hurt feelings, we have missed the evidence. Not our version of the evidence, but the real facts that will take us to the Truth.
First though, we must be willing to open our minds to seeing the other points of view. First we must be willing to accept we may be incorrect, and no matter how hard we fight to prove otherwise, it won’t change that. Sometimes, we have to be willing to just walk away knowing there won’t be any winners. Sometimes we must be willing to accept that while the Real Truth of the matter may be in there somewhere, it may also allude us. Sometimes, once the pain has subsided, and the hurt feelings have healed, we will see that the Real Truth was right in front of us.
May you only experience that which is for your highest good.
Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT specializes in helping clients discharge their emotional attachment to the past through his work as a Trauma Release Coach™ at Bearfoot Healing.
He draws upon his own experiences and study of human behavioral psychology, his intuition, connection with Divine Guidance and the work he does with clients using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology to write articles that will empower others in their personal healing.
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