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Issue | PTSD | Trauma Release Coaching

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Have you experienced something so traumatizing that it has negatively changed the way you relate to life, to those around you and your personal peace and joy?
Are you finding it difficult to emotionally or mentally move forward from your past traumatic experiences?
Would you like to resolve the effect that part of your life continues to have on your well-being so you can finally live peacefully and joyfully?
Whenever we have a traumtic experience, it affects our emotional and mental well-being, and if this aspect is left unresolved, we are likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder within 3-months
PTSD symptoms include:
  • depression / suicidal thoughts or feelings
  • difficulty concentrating
  • blacking out / lapses in memory particularly regarding details of the trauma
  • trust issues (of self and others)
  • flashbacks / reliving the trauma all over again
  • seclusion or avoidance of people, places, objects or events that could or are reminders of the experiences
  • nervous breakdowns
  • extreme irritability / anger
  • hyper-vigilance / questioning safety
  • new phobias associated with the traumatic experience
  • questioning decision making skills further impacting self-worth and self-esteem
  • destructive behavior
We have built in ways of dealing with stuff that is too much for us to handle, either because we are too young to cope or incapable, such as during intense experiences like being a soldier at war, witnessing or being a part of a vehicle accident that resulted in death, abuse of any kind, negative childbirth experience, as-well-as anything else traumatizing which then starts effecting how you relate to life, the people around you and your personal well-being. Even in cases where your mind represses the memories there is an impact on your feelings and behavior that can alienate you from all of life and destroy your personal peace and joy.
For many, there remains this constant reminder of what they have been through, and while I consider you to be a survivor, do you? If not I want to help you finally live life knowing inner peace and joy, free of the negative effects of your experience.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently safely and thoroughly resolve and release all the emotional and mental aspects of the traumatic occurrences, including how you felt at the time and now, what it was like for you then and now, and any remaining affects your experience had and currently has on your life.
Are you ready to finally be free from the impact of your past traumatic experience(s)?
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