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Our Privacy Policy

Q. How we use cookies.
A. We do not use cookies that collect any personal information and automatically request IP Anonymization for Google Analytics removing the last portion of your IP address which could be used to identify you.
The information we collect as a part of our website analytics is, the number of visitors, from what referring source (which search engine, website or through direct typing of our website address), what search terms were used, when we were visited (time and date), and the number of views for each page and the flow of traffic through this website.
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Q. What personal data we hold.
A. Any contact information you provide through direct contact with us, either through chat, email, phone, or personal visit, and notes from any healing sessions we do. If you are under 16 years old, we only knowingly retain contact information of your parent and/or guardian.
Whenever you email us through this website, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the information that was collected from you.
In addition to the medical provider requirements outlined below, we, like you, prefer to only receive contact from people we know have our best interest at heart and in mind and are not trying to sell us anything we didn't ask to hear about, so we promise you that any information you share while contacting us, or while in contact with us, will stay with us. We promise we will never rent, lend, lease, or sell your contact information to anyone else.
That is our sincere promise to you.
Medical Records
The following policy applies to any and all information obtained while in contact with you both online and offline.
Any and all information collected through the intake form, email, phone consultations or conversations in any form held between us, (you as a client or patient and any and all Bearfoot Healing staff) either before, during or after working with us for your healing needs, is held in complete confidentiality and can not and will not be shared without your explicate permission and only with you or another medical professional.
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Q. How we use the personal data we have.
A. When you provide positive consent, we use your contact information for replies to you when asked, including for our newsletter (if you signed up to recieve it) and to stay in touch with you while you are a client of ours.
Once you have contracted with us to help you heal, the practitioner you work with uses the session notes  as a reminder of what was worked on and to track progress.
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Q. How we store any personal data.
A. We encrypt all our electronic files and our off-site back-ups to keep your information safe.
Whenever possible, we only use electronic means of obtaining the information you or another medical professional provides us, so any physical versions are securely shredded using an onsite cross-cut shredder after being scanned into electronic format and placed into your file.
Your personal file, beyond name and contact information, can only be accessed by the practitioner you are working with, through the use of encryption/decryption passwords assigned to your file.
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Q. How long personal data and information is kept.
A. Any and all files we have for you remain up-to-date as long you continue as a client, then 30-days after your last session, they are securely shredded (aka- secure erasing) through the use of two different programs. The first erases the file by overwriting the data 35 times with random characters, and the second secures the free space by overwriting it with a further 35 passes of random data.
As long as you are not a newsletter subscriber, your contact information is removed 14 days after our last contact.
If you are a newsletter subscriber, you can unsubscribe and your email address is removed.
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Q. Your rights regarding any personal data we have.
A. You can at any time request a copy of any personal data we hold, to have it corrected and/or that we erase any personal data we have, including your contact information and healing session notes, before they expire and are removed.
If you are a newsletter subscriber, you can unsubscribe and your email address is removed.
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Q. How your payment information is processed and stored.

A. We use PayPal or Squareup for all our debit and credit card transactions, so all your payment information is securely processed and stored according their policies.
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If you have any questions about this privacy policy
Please contact Bearfoot Healing through the business contact page or email contact form.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: May 20, 2018
This Privacy policy was last reviewed on: Dec 21, 2023

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