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Reiki Healing Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much do you charge for a Reiki session?
A. You can find that information on the What is Reiki? and Reiki Drumming pages of this site.
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Q. How long is a Reiki session?
A. Expect to be with me for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This provides us time to accomplish a full energy session and time for you to become fully present after your session. We will also use this time to go over your experience if you wish and for me to relay any information I received while working with you.
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Q. Is Reiki some kind of massage?
A. No. Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing without any manual manipulation.
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Q. Will I have to remove my clothes for a Reiki session?
A. No. You will only be asked to remove your shoes just inside the door of my business, and if you wear glasses, I will ask you to remove them before we proceed with the Reiki session. You will want to remove your coat if you wore one.
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Q. I feel uncomfortable about having a man laying his hands on me. Do you have to put your hands on me while doing Reiki?
A. No. I don't have to touch you in any way while I am doing Reiki. While Reiki is generally done hands-on, I will do it with my hands hovering over the top of your body. I always ask the client about their preference on the first visit.
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Q. Will you be putting your hands anywhere that is private or personal on my body?
A. No. It is not necessary for me to put my hands anywhere that is private or personal since the energy gets to those places without direct hand contact. Some practioners have you put your hands over these areas, and then they will place their hands on top of yours. I on the other hand, just work around those areas knowing the energy will go where it needs to go.
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Q. I am feeling nervous about having my first Reiki session. Is it alright to bring a friend to my appointment?
A. Yes. Being nervous is perfectly acceptable and pretty common. If bringing a friend or partner into the session helps you feel more comfortable, then that is fine. I do ask that you both refrain from conversing with each other while I am doing Reiki though.
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Q. I know you prefer we not talk while you are doing Reiki, but if I am feeling uncomfortable with your hand placement or anything else, can I say something?
A. Absolutely! If you ever feel uncom
fortable with anything, please say something. My intent is to help you heal, if you are feeling uncomfortable then your experience will not be relaxed, pleasant or soothing.
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Q. If I am receiving a distance healing, how long will I need to be idle?
A. Reiki at a distance is more powerful & quicker than an in-person session so expect to be idle for half an hour. The reason you are asked to be idle is so you are the most receiptive to the energy, though Reiki energy will be absorbed by your body even if you are busy.
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Q. If I am paying or paid for a full hours worth of distance healing, then will I get my monies worth?
A. Yes. I only charge you for half a regular session to reflect this time frame. If you paid for, or want to pay for an hour, you will get two, 1/2 hour sessions.
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Q. Can I purchase a gift certificate for your services?
A. Not anymore, though you can sponsor someone's healing on the Donations and Bartering page.
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Q. If I purchase distance-healing time, how do I let you know whom it is for?
A. When you pay by PayPal, you can tell me in the message box as you complete the transaction. This information is sent to us with your payment notice. You can also use the appointment email form to let us know.
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To set up an appointment visit our Contact the Healers page.
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