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Issue | Relationships | Trauma Release Coaching

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Are you concerned about your relationship/marriage?  Do you find you want to yell or fight or run from communicating with him/her?  
Are you tired of attracting and going through one bad relationship after another?
What if that could change just by something you can do?
Relationships are one of the greatest sources for learning and becoming aware of what needs resolving within self. It is human nature to quickly blame others for the conflicts, misunderstandings, the way it went or turned out and how we feel, but remember there is one commonality in all your interactions, you.
Whenever we find ourselves struggling with relationships, including partnerships, marriage and friendships, it is a reflection of one or more misunderstandings, lies, misperceptions, or falshoods believed in resulting from previous experiences at a young age, that we incorrectly assumed or figured is a statement of truth about us, life and relationships. When these are addressed and brought into alignment with Truth you discover that your relationship experience shifts along with your new perspective and understanding.
Ways a currently held negative belief can show up:

  • I am unworthy of better treatment - the examples of what a relationship looks like included disempowerment, abuse of one or more kind, controlling behavior that dictated everyone's place through the use of threats power-plays and more that negatively impacted your self-worth.
  • I hate conflict and/or cannot speak my truth - the examples of what a relationship looks like included heated angry loud exchanges that didn't appear to resolve anything, one partner always dominated the other through being more loud, expressing through intense body language, threats or domestic violence.
  • I only deserve or can have this kind of relationship - the examples of what a relationship looks like included parents or other influential examples staying in dysfunctional, unhealthy, unsupportive or otherwise stagnant partnerships, and one or both parents having the same type of relationship again after their last one ended.
  • I am unlovable - the examples of what a relationship looks like included one or both parents being absent in some way from drug and/or alcohol use, always being at work, divorce or abandonment, hearing disparaging remarks that left you feeling unwanted, disempowered or otherwise negatively impacted your self-esteem.
High self/Life, acting through the subconscious, places us in the same or similar situations over and over until the falsehoods and untruths are resolved and released. This is your chance to change it all for the positive.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently discover what is behind your on-going relationship issues through one or more approaches to identify, move through and resolve the cause so you can finally experience peaceful and Loving relationships.
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Are you ready to heal your relationship(s) including the one you have with your self?
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