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Issue | Sexual Trauma | Trauma Release Coaching

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Have you been sexually assaulted and are you suffering from the effects?
Are you a parent or partner of a sexual trauma survivor and need help with your feelings?
Would you like to resolve the impact sexual assault trauma has on your life so you can finally live joyfully and peacefully?
Sexual assault trauma has a long lasting ripple effect on the lives of the survivor and family, impacting their sense of safety and well-being, and causing PTSD and potentially creating an environment for more assaults and trauma when left unresolved.
It is quite common for both survivors and their parent or partner to experience guilt, shame, self-blame and a sense of betrayal resulting in emotional pain, sorrow, depression and anxiety regarding a sexual assault and even attempted violations, and so it is important that these feelings be acknowledged, felt, moved through, resolved and released in order for full freedom from the emotional and mental effects be experienced.
A part of the healing process involves acknowledging and resolving the lies believed such as it is/was my fault, if I had done blank different then it wouldn't have happened... etc and then the way self-punishment is inflicted as a way of dealing with the trauma. As we resolve all the details and effects of the sexual assault there is a natural movement towards greater understanding and clarity of what is True about self and the situation.
In the Trauma Release Coaching™ program, we gently identify the traumatic occurrences, move through, resolve and release the emotional and mental attachments through one or more supportive approaches so you can finally peacefully enjoy life.

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