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Article | Are you stuck in past trauma? | Exploring trauma resolution

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Are you stuck and finding it hard to let go of and move beyond traumatic experiences like the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, horrendous accident or event, being abused or the war experience and just want your life back?
So many relate how their past traumas affect them in everyday life, and express desires to have it go away, then when given the opportunity to heal they find all sorts of reasons to keep it.
There is a belief held by society, based on past psychological reasoning, that states if you talk about it, try to understand it, take special drugs (prescription or recreational) to cover up the symptoms, or just live with it passing it off as just a part of life, you will get better. Unfortunately this doesn’t really work.
The Truth is High Self, acting through the subconscious, places us in the same or similar situation over and over, often increasing the intensity of each subsequent experience, until the trauma is resolved. A great example of this is the attraction of the same type of relationship including the same kind of friends or partners that cause us to feel taken advantage of, misunderstood, unloved, unworthy, victimized and more, and yet we can see Spirit's support in resolving the untruths we believe about self, life and others through the great friends, partners and experiences we have. It is a washing away of the shadow by the Light to give us strength to heal.

Why do you find it so hard to heal from the past?
Ultimately it comes down to the experience and the resulting pain and suffering serving you in one or more ways.
Possible ways it serves you

  • It acts as a badge of honor and/or an excuse to act and react the way you do.
    "Look at what I’ve been through! I have every reason to act like this!"
  • It is what you identify yourself with.
    "My past is all I know; what or where would I be without it?"
  • It gives you the special attention or love you are craving.
    "I know my family loves me because they cater to my needs!"
  • It causes you to feel more loving, compassionate, accepting...
    "I know or have a deeper understanding of another’s pain because of my past."
  • It punishes someone else for how they treated you.
    "I want those who have hurt me to know it through my suffering!"
Is it worth the price you are paying?

Some ways the fear of releasing the past shows up

  • I don’t have the money!
  • Who or what would I be without it?
  • I won’t be loved without it!
  • I won’t be loving or compassionate without it!
  • I can’t forgive those who have hurt me because that lets them off the hook!

Let’s explore these fears
I don’t have the money – When something is important enough to us, we always find a way to get it. It is interesting how many people use this excuse as a reason for staying stuck, and yet it’s nothing more than a superficial way of avoiding the real reason(s) for remaining miserable.
You can see this excuse in action when you say you can't afford to get help but then go and purchase a brand new vehicle, gamble your money away, or otherwise blow your funds on truly unnecessary material items.
This excuse further loses all credibility once you consider I offer financial support, which occasionally includes pro-bono work for my Trauma Release Coaching program for those who genuinely need and want help, and yet people still try using it.

Who or what would I be without it? – A very happy person, seriously!  It is amazing how freeing it is when you resolve your attachment to the past particularly with trauma.
Life gives us plenty of opportunities to heal the unresolved emotions felt during a traumatic experience, which remain held within the body and continue to influence our actions and reactions in and through similar relationships, interactions, situations etc. until the emotional attachments are healed.

I won’t be loved without it!This is a falsehood believed in out of a lack of true understanding.
Real Love is available to you one way or the other, and so even when you allow healing to occur the Love will be there to be felt more fully and deeply because you now have the room to accept it. This is especially true when you realize that healing your trauma creates space for greater perception of and capacity for... Love!
I won’t be loving or compassionate without it!
– This appears to be a noble reason on the surface, though it still is untrue.
I assure you, if the experience of past trauma created room for you to become more loving and/or compassionate etc., then this capacity will grow exponentially after the pain and suffering is resolved.
This way of being is a wonderful gift that you already paid enough for, why continue paying with your misery?
I can’t forgive those who have hurt me because that lets them off the hook! – How about letting you off the hook?

The truth is you are the only one continuing to be hurt or punished by your unforgiveness. Your pain and suffering will not alter how anyone else feels about what happened, not even the one you feel hurt you.   
The effects of remaining emotionally stuck in past trauma
Holding onto unresolved past trauma takes a lot of energy to maintain and often results in one or more of the following

Physical ailments including
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • cancer
  • joint issues including arthritis
  • sexual dysfunction
  • chronic infections
  • seizures
  • dementia
  • diabetes
  • lung issues
  • kidney issues
  • heart issues
  • digestion issues
  • muscle issues
  • eye sight loss
  • hearing loss
  • and many more
Emotional ailments including
  • depression
  • nervous breakdown
  • anxiety disorders
  • panic disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • and more
Psychological ailments including
  • split personality disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • delusional disorder
  • and more
We now have Quantum Physics proving what we already have known for centuries!
There isn’t any question for those working in the Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology field of healing that our maintained emotional vibration manifests physically in the body, mind and experiences. This is why energetically healing the core emotional causes is so important!

Energetically healing the core emotional cause
I use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) almost exclusively because of the flexibility it offers for gracefully dancing around and then into the core emotional causes collapsing as we go, though I also use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and ThetaHealing® when needed, aided by Reiki.
Through the processes I use, we can collapse, release and resolve all your maladies (unless it is part of your Soul’s plan to keep them), the emotional charge connected to them, the reason(s) why you are experiencing them and even why you resist healing.

EFT – This energy psychology technique utilizes the same energy meridian system in the body as acupressure and acupuncture does, to break up and release the held emotions and beliefs that are affecting your way of life in every action, reaction and interaction. With guided focus we are able to identify and easily resolve the issues without requiring you to relive any trauma.

EMDR – I use eye movement desensitization and reprocessing as a way to balance both hemispheres of the brain when I use one or more EFT shortcuts. The emotional freedom technique already has a process of brain balancing included in the long form version so EMDR isn’t necessary during its use.   

ThetaHealing® – I use ThetaHealing® to approach and collapse beliefs inherited through our genes, as well as resolve core beliefs caused by past traumas, and what we learned from our parents, guardians, teachers, society, experiences, etc. from a spiritual perspective.
Reiki – I flow Reiki in all sessions I conduct to further support our work together and to loosen up and resolve the unsupportive energy.
All healing sessions are conducted with Divine Guidance which always includes both your Guides and mine, and any Angels needed in attendance within a space of Pure Infinite Love, Compassion, Acceptance and Safety.

Are you ready to make a positive shift in your experience and heal from your past?  I would Love to help you heal by resolving and releasing the core causes of your negative experiences through my Trauma Release Coaching™ program.


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About the author
Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT. specializes in helping clients discharge their emotional attachment to the past through his work as a Trauma Release Coach™ at Bearfoot Healing.

Rev. Christopher draws upon his own experiences and study of human behavioral psychology, his intuition, connection with Divine Guidance and the work he does with clients using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology to write articles that will empower others in their personal healing.
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