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What is ThetaHealing®?

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An overview of ThetaHealing®
The search for relief from emotional and physical pain and illness can seem like a long, tedious journey with the added concern over whether it can ever be resolved. ThetaHealing® allows for healing quickly with grace and ease. It clears illness, emotions, toxins, injuries, genes and beliefs that no longer serve you. This miraculous healing modality integrates new programs and beliefs that you can choose for yourself. It also easily integrates with other healing modalities for whole health.
Theta Healing® is a powerful energy-healing technique. It is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer and observation through the Creator. With study and practice, anyone with a belief in a Creator, or a Creative Force, can do it! ThetaHealing® has no religious affiliation; it is a healing technique that is compatible and appealing for many different kinds of belief systems.
The experience of ThetaHealing®
During a session, the practitioner and the client sit together in a quiet, comfortable environment. The practitioner asks what it is in their life they’d like to change. There are programs that the client may have that can be shown to them through the use of muscle testing if they aren’t certain what beliefs are holding them back. With the client’s permission, the mediation work begins and the practitioner goes up out of their space to witness the changes being made.
ThetaHealing® has been found to be a miraculous, gentle healing modality that brings higher awareness of personal health and quality of life. It gives each person the tools to grow, change and move forward for their highest and best good. If you change your mind, you change your life.
Because ThetaHealing® work uses Creator’s unconditional love, it is for everyone. Regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs, or culture, this technique can work for anyone who is ready to find healing in all aspects of their life.

A deeper understanding of ThetaHealing®
ThetaHealing® gets its name from the Theta brain wave. There are 5 different frequencies of brain waves, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. The brain consistently produces waves in all frequencies; however, one frequency will dominate in any given situation.


Gamma is the state where we are learning and processing information. It is involved in higher mental activity including perception and consciousness. The waves cycle between 40-5,000 per second.
Beta is a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. It is the state of being active, alert, thinking and talking.
Alpha is the bridge between Beta and Theta. This cycle is 7-14 per second. It is a relaxed, meditative state of mind of detached awareness.
Theta is a very deep state of relaxation. It is used in hypnosis and the dream state. The brain waves are slowed to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Theta governs the part of our mind that is layered between consciousness and the unconscious. It holds memories, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. This is the state that you achieve when you stand on top of a mountain absorbed in your surroundings, in the moment, "knowing" that God just "Is".
Delta is the frequency of deep sleep; the brain waves slow to .5-4 cycles per second.
During a crisis the brain switches back and forth between Gamma and Theta with no other wave present which makes time seem to slow down.
In the miracle of an instant healing, the brain can go from 4 cycles a second to 5,000 cycles. Here, healings and manifestations can quickly be achieved.
Theta healing affects the four different belief systems that a person has:
1. Core beliefs. This level holds beliefs that we are taught and accept from childhood in this life. These beliefs become a part of us.
2. Genetic beliefs. These are programs and beliefs that are carried over from our ancestors that affect the DNA.
3. History beliefs. This level is about memories, and beliefs that are from our past, deep genetic memories, or collective consciousness beliefs that we carry with us.
4. Soul beliefs. This level holds the beliefs that make everything the person “is”. They are the deepest beliefs we hold, even when we are not aware of them.
The feeling and belief work is naturally integrated in the process. For example, if a person doesn’t know what it feels like to be loved, healthy, or what it means to have healthy boundaries, those programs are “downloaded” from the Creator into the person’s space and cells.
After years of offering ThetaHealing® Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT has decided to now only offer it through his Trauma Release Coaching program.
With the ever increasing prevalence of ThetaHealing® practitioners he no longer feels there is a need to continue offering this modality separately in his healing practice.
Thank you for your visit and interest!

The History of ThetaHealing®
Vianna Stibal, who was born with an exceptional intuitive ability, is the founder of ThetaHealing®. She studied Naturopathic medicine and nutrition, and has done countless energy readings and healings for people over the course of several years. She discovered the amazing technique of ThetaHealing™ in 1995 when she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right femur. She set to work to clean her system and to do everything she knew to heal her leg. Still, she was very sick and in severe pain. She felt that the doctor’s diagnosis of bone cancer was wrong, and then a biopsy report came back negative for bone cancer. It was determined that she had lymphatic cancer. This she felt was true, and that it was caused by mercury poisoning. She worked at getting the mercury out of her system always trusting the information she was getting from the Creator.
She writes: “I believed to the core of my being that God could heal in an instant. In spite of everything that was happening, I continued to trust my intuition and the feelings I had that God could heal me. Somehow I felt that I already knew how to heal myself. There was just something missing. I had used conventional medicines, cleanses, nutrition, oils, affirmations, visualizations, and I still remained very sick. Every time I asked the Creator, I was told that I already knew the answer and that I just had to remember how to call upon God.”
Her answer came in the mountains when her aunt was sick with a stomachache. Vianna did a body scan and could see that she had Giardia. Having none of her Naturopathic herbs with her, and feeling rather tired of health problems, she told it to go away and witnessed as Creator released the pain in her aunts stomach. Within seconds, it was gone and her aunt was able to get up, feeling much better. The next day, thinking about that incident, Vianna repeated the same procedure on a man with a severe backache. Instantly, his back pain was gone. Marveling about this, she decided to do a healing on her leg.
“I thought to myself, ‘it can’t be this easy!’ I went out of my space from my crown chakra and prayed to the Creator. I then commanded a healing on myself, and it worked! My right leg, which had shrunken 3 inches shorter than my left leg, returned instantly to its normal size. The pain was removed, and my leg was healed.”
Since then the Theta technique has been used countless times on thousands of people with amazing results, while evolving to include the understanding of belief and feeling work so people with limiting beliefs and programs could change them and remove the blocks that were slowing their progress in life and in their healing.

Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT is a non-denominational Ordained Holistic Minister, EFT Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healer and ThetaHealing® Practitioner who honors and respects all religious traditions, specializing in  healing Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) through Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

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