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Article | How about a change of focus? | US Hwy 2 Washington state

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I have traveled Washington State Highway 2 multiple times a month for the last several years and have noticed that there are signs at two locations that keep track of the number of days since the last serious crash.
With so much focused attention and emphasis on serious crashes, it is obvious why this highway hasn’t shaken its “Highway of Death” moniker yet.
The Law of Attraction states simply that like attracts like. When our energetic focus is on something negative, we will invariably receive and experience outcomes that are equally negative, whereas when our attention is on the positive we get positive results.
Obviously it isn’t always a conscious decision about where to focus our energy, rather by default, based on past conditioning, we have learned to do our best to avoid what we perceive is or will be a negative result and in so doing we can’t help but have our attention on what we don’t want.
In the case of the US Highway 2 signs, we don’t want anyone injured or killed while traveling that stretch of road, so a decision has been made to document the number of days we go between serious crashes.
I worded that just as the energy of it comes across to me… between crashes – as if there will always be more, rather than without crashes which would move the energy closer in the direction of not having any.
Anytime we declare war on anything, we will get more of what we are battling against. It’s inevitable when there is so much energy zeroed in on something we want to be rid of, it will only grow stronger with any energy fed to it.
Perhaps it is time to change the focus
What if we focused on what we really want instead?
We want people to be safe, to drive safely and arrive safely at their destination, so perhaps it is time to actually concentrate our energy and attention on safety instead of crashes, especially serious ones.
I propose we change those two signs to reflect our new intent and desire for safety by rewording them to now read…
Number of Safe Driving Days
With the shift from what we don’t want to what we most certainly, with strong desiring and preference do want, we will also see a dramatic transformation in our experience… as individual drivers and collectively as people who care about the safety of others.
When you change the wording of a sign that is seen, acknowledged and read hundreds perhaps thousands of times a day, you also change the outcome of how safely everyone drives.
With all the years that these signs have been up concentrating on harm, it may take a little while to see the shift in results, though I know we will.

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