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Energy Medicine | What is Reiki? | Rev. Christopher StandingBear, RMT

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History of Reiki
Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words, rei (ray) & ki, (kee) which mean “transcendental spirit” and “vital life force energy.”
It is understood that at one point we were born with the ability to use this energy to heal ourselves, but as time went on we lost our ability, and forgot about it.  
Reiki energy healing was rediscovered in the mid-1800’s, by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui, after he sought out the origins of the hands-on healing method used by Jesus and Buddha in India and Tibet. To make this clear, Reiki as we know it today, was used by both Jesus and Buddha when they helped heal those needing it. I know this says something about the power of the Reiki energy.
Essentially, Reiki is a very powerful form of hands-on spiritual/Divine energy healing dating back well over two-thousand years ago, that is used to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into balance. It is in this balancing that the healing occurs. It isn't the Reiki Master who heals you; it is you! My job is to provide you with the needed healing energy, so that it may be used for your highest good.
What Reiki is good for

  • Reiki energy is so relaxing that it is a wonderful way to relieve stress & pain, and works beautifully for recovering from a injury, illness, or trauma.


  • Since Reiki is an energy healing modality, it also works with the emotions, energy in motion, and therefore is a profoundly powerful way to relieve anxiety, grief, and depression.


  • As Reiki works on the energy within and around your body, (aural field), it balances, rejuvenates, and revitalizes your body and mind.


  • Reiki can also be used to repair, balance, re-spin and re-energize the Chakras. (Energy Centers of the body.)


  • Reiki is a soothing and loving way of helping with the transition of crossing-over. It is used to help the client or patient find peace with the process on all levels as it prepares the body, mind, and spirit for the end of one phase, and the beginning of another.


  • Reiki can also be used to heal animals, plants and trees. I have found that the animals I've worked with, including my own pets, have done great with the energy and really enjoy it.


How Reiki Works

I draw in the energy through the top of my head, (Crown Chakra), and send it down the energy meridium in my body to my heart, (Heart Chakra), where it is further blessed with loving intention, and sent out through my hands, (the 11th Chakra). The energy then goes into whatever I lay my hands on or above. Some say the recipient draws the energy through the practitioners body, while others say it is pulled in & then pushed out by the practitioner. My experience is that it is both. I am capable of flowing the energy without it being drawn from me, but I realize that when my hands are on something needing the energy, it is drawn through me as well; I am the energy conduit for your healing. At this point the Reiki energy goes to where it is needed most. This means neither you or I have any control over where it goes, or how it is used. That is just how it should be.
It is like the triage unit in a hospital; those needing attention first are taken care of before someone with a less life threatening malady. Our soul/body does this same thing. While you may want the energy to be used for that pain you have in some place or other, your soul/body knows it would be better used to heal the more life threatening conditions we don't necessarily know about. For this reason, sometimes it takes more than one session to take care of the reason you sought out the Reiki energy healing in the first place.
Next, I will wrap you in an multi-spectrum energy blanket to further protect you & hold the Reiki energy in as you continue to heal over the next couple of days. At the end of the session you will be offered filtered water to help ground you. The Reiki energy healing experience puts most people in a trance like state, (Beta to Theta brainwave*), and so when I am done, you are left a bit dazed. This is the result of the very high level of energy you will be swimming in during our session together, and from the movement of the energy within you.

What a Reiki energy healing session feels like

You will either feel soothing heat or coolness coming from my hands; this sensation is based on your body's need. (i.e. Coolness is good for burns, but not necessarily for strained muscles.) You may also experience a pleasant tingling in your body. I don't have any control over what you will feel or experience. A lot of clients have either gone into a really relaxed state, or fallen asleep, while others cry, not because it hurts, but as a form of release.
When these tears show up, I take it as a compliment to our joint venture on the path to deep healing. I co-create an environment of safety, compassion, love and healing, and in that space you have readied yourself and accepted the energy of emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom from your unreleased stuff. This is cause for great celebration and is indeed a very freeing and loving experience to have and for me to witness with you.
Reiki is guaranteed to bring about healing even when it isn't outwardly apparent. In these situations, I know that the energy has worked on the level, and in the places it was most needed at the moment. At the very least, a softening has occurred, whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual, it is always obvious; it will be written all over your body especially your face.
Distance Healing

A distance healing allows me to do a Reiki Healing session with a client in another part of the world, with the same results as if I was with them physically.
So how does this distance healing work?
First we work out a time for the healing session to occur, preferably when you can sit or lie down and be relaxed without disruption, though this isn't mandatory.
Just before the agreed upon time, I prepare for our time together by clearing myself of anything I don't want to bring into the healing session and I connect with both my guides & yours and any Arch Angels that will be a part of this healing session; then I place a release valve between you and I so that any excess energy will be directed to Mother Earth. At this point I focus on flowing the healing energy to you through intent while also paying attention to any information I receive.
At the end of our distance healing time together, I will email you to let you know how things went at my end. This serves two purposes; one it lets you know I held up my end of the deal, and two it gives me the opportunity to let you know about anything I intuitively received while working with you in this way.
If you have any questions about this healing modality, please visit the Reiki FAQ page.
Want to experience another powerful form of Reiki? Visit the Reiki Drumming page.
*It has been suggested by some researchers that a Reiki Master is only capable of bringing about a high beta brainwave with a client. While that may be true for some, it has been my experience that many of my clients go deeper than that; relating to me that they felt like they were not here, like they were between worlds or had been in a very deep meditation. A part of this is because this is my third lifetime as a Reiki Master; therefore I hold within me all the ancient wisdom and symbols. In addition, I have gone through a process that reconnected all of my DNA strands, which not only increased my ability to move and flow energy, but it also brought up the vibrational frequency making for a very powerful healing experience.
Your experience may vary, and will be dependent on your healing needs at the time.



Paying for your Reiki Energy Healing Session
You can securely pre-pay for your Reiki session using PayPal or pay using cash or through PayPal at the conclusion of your in-office visit.
Distance Healing Payments
All distance healing sessions must be paid for in advance either in-office (as a gift for another), or from a distance through PayPal.
Please provide who it is for, where they are, and what it is for at the time of payment.
The appointment will be scheduled after your payment is received.
After years of offering Reiki, Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT now only offers it as a part of his Trauma Release Coaching™ program.
With the ever increasing prevalence of Reiki practitioners he no longer feels there is a need to continue offering this modality separately
in his healing practice.
Thank you for your visit and interest!

Testimonials for Reiki with Rev. Christopher
Here is a testimonial from a well known physician who had a busy practice and also formulated medicines for physicians in her medical products company. Dr. Bishop spoke at medical schools, medical conventions, and wrote frequently for medical journals.
"Rev. Christopher StandingBear is a master Reiki practitioner whose expertise is unequaled, far exceeding any other I've ever experienced.
In addition to his abilities as a Reiki Master, he brings multiple healing modalities into his treatment protocols that strengthen the power and depth of his work.
I refer patients to his practice with complete confidence, knowing that whatever these patients may require, Rev. Christopher has the skills to address their needs in a complete, caring, compassionate and professional manner."
Dr. Nita Bishop, ND. (Retired)
Granite Falls Naturopathic - Granite Falls, WA
"I met Rev. Christopher about 1 1/2 years ago when I moved to Granite Falls. From the moment I met him, I felt an overwhelming sense of warmth within him that I can't explain in words. He is so patient, kind & understanding, that I was amazed by him instantly. I feel as though I can speak to him about anything and he not only genuinely listens with compassion, but he follows it with comforting words of wisdom & helpful advice.
I wasn't familiar with what Reiki was, nor anything about its background, so he explained it to me in a lengthy conversation. I then decided to have it done. The only words that come to mind when looking back on the experience are, unbelievable, peaceful & relaxing.
I suffered from severe anxiety attacks, rapid cycling bi-polar and degenerative disc disease, and all I can say is that the Reiki experience I had, not only relieved my physical pain, but it relaxed me tremendously, physically, mentally & emotionally.
My advice to anyone unfamiliar with this special healing technique is, " Look into it, try it, you will be amazed at the relief you feel after just one session."
I truly believe Rev. Christopher has an amazing gift, and everyone should have the opportunity to be blessed with his touch."
Brenda B.- Granite Falls, WA.
Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT is a non-denominational Ordained Holistic Minister, EFT Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healer and ThetaHealing Practitioner®
who honors and respects all religious traditions, specializing in healing Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) through Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

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